Headed to cheer on the Hoos for the last time in awhile.

I am on the way to Charlotte for the Belk Bowl now, but in 33 days I will be on the way to Sevilla. After exams I packed up my life in Charlottesville and drove it all home to Richmond, leaving the comforts and the familiarity of my University filled with the people I love in my rearview. Sad to leave, it hadn’t quite hit me yet because there was a holiday to celebrate and family from in town to catch up with. It still felt distant. Now that Christmas is over and and family has gone home however, this is real. There’s nothing else left in between me and abroad and it is scary. My friends will all be returning to school soon without me. I can’t imagine that that won’t be hard. It is not that I need more time though, 33 days or 330, I know I will never be fully ready for this adventure, but I know that it is going to be worth every ounce of fear I have leading up to it. With every story I have heard from friends that have just returned from their own abroad adventure, the anxiety softens little by little – especially when it is from friends that have just returned from Sevilla. Stories of new friends and sweet homestay parents, along with crazy nights in new places and once in a life time adventures remind me why I chose to go abroad in the first place. I can only imagine the ways this experience will enrich my life and shape the way I live it even once I return home. Hopefully I will pick up a little (read: a lot) of Spanish along the way. I’ve taken Spanish beginning in middle school all the way through my sophomore year in college, but even that and the Duolingo app couldn’t prepare me for the placement test. You can find me rocking it in the beginner Spanish class! I am very excited for this chance though to practice what I remember and what I know I will learn. I know my choice of homestay will help with this. 

I hope that this blog will allow me to share memories with others, but also my future self, so I can go back and read it and remember all of my wonderful times abroad. Follow along on these adventures with me beginning next month. See you all soon!