La Universidad de Sevilla

For my second blog post I wanted to tell you all about where I study because it is SO BEAUTIFUL. This is the entrance to the local university where I take all of my classes! This building was commissioned by King Fernando VI and was used as a royal cigar factory beginning in the 16th century.

All of my classes are in English (thankfully) and I am taking one Spanish language course. I am happy to report that I moved out of the beginner class and into the intermediate. Woohoo! I would say I am learning the most from hearing the language though and communicating with my host family – they speak zero English!

My classes are all over the place, but I am taking courses in gender views in media, Spain’s classical heritage and one in photography. I would have to say that the photography one has been my favorite so far because the teacher is hilarious. He is full of life and creativity and is way too talented to be teaching students like me! He is so supportive of our work though and always praises the pictures we submit for homework.

Antonio helping us make obscure cameras with shoeboxes

The university is right past the bridge so it is just a 10 minute walk to class. There is also a Starbucks that is dangerously located right across the street. Classes are long here though (2 hours each) so a daily cappuccino is only necessary!

All of my professors are incredibly smart though and genuinely care about how we are adjusting to life in Seville. Many of them ask about weekend plans to different cities and offer recommendations or insight into the daily lives of Sevillanos.


Fernando is another one of my favorite teachers. I switched into his history and mythology course the first week of school and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! His English is perfect (he studied in the US) and he is one of the smartest and most worldly professors I have ever met. He is extremely personable though and loves to tell stories about his wife and two young kids. Fernando is a perfect example of the professors truly caring about their students and you can tell that this care is genuine. We actually spent the whole class today talking about various cultural traditions here in Spain. This topic grew out of a fellow classmates question of how to make friends with local Sevillanos. By the end of the class, Fernando had opened the floor to all questions we may have about Seville and the ways of its people. We may not have gotten to course material, but I learned more in those two hours then I think I would’ve if we had.

The workload is extremely manageable, for which I am SO grateful. Just hoping it stays that way! Midterms are in a couple weeks which sounds crazy to me because it feels like I just got here. (which I sorta did!)

Hasta pronto! Off to Copenhagen!!


Los Remedios

Hola de Sevilla!

I’ve been here for almost a month so I figured it was about time to update you all! Let me begin by saying Sevilla is amazing!! It took time to settle in and to transition to life in a new place and living in someone else’s home, as I figured it would, but now that classes are in full swing and I no longer have to use Google Maps wherever I go, I’d say I’m doing pretty great!!

Plaza de España

The living is easy here in Sevilla and the pace of life is slow. Wine flows like water and there is bread everywhere. I mean everywhere. The people are friendly and the babies are just like the bread — EVERYWHERE! Haha. If you know me then you know how happy that makes me. Everything is walkable in Sevilla which is SUPER nice and its all very cheap. The architecture is also breathtaking.

The Cathedral

I live in Los Remedios which is a neighborhood just across the river from the center of the city. My friends joke that I am Dan from Brooklyn in Gossip Girl when I cross the bridge to get home. Veryy funny chicas!!

Home sweet home
View from the bridge

Los Remedios is filled with life (except during siesta) and I have had so much fun exploring the neighborhood. There aren’t very many tourists or chains, but rather cute boutiques, bakeries and coffee shops. I often try sweets and pastries from these bakeries and coffee shops and call it blog research. 😉

Hola perro!
Un té Earl Grey and un miguelito con chocolate, por favor!

The heart of the neighborhood lies on Calle Asunción. This pedestrian street is filled with Sevillanos of all ages, especially when the sun is shining. Kids play soccer in the streets, grandparents stroll their grandchildren and friends meet for coffee on every corner. Last week, I even saw a woman pushing her mom in a wheelchair, who was pushing her granddaughter in a stroller. It was too cute. All about family here in Sevilla!

Calle Asunción
Hola bebe!

My favorite part about Los Remedios though? This woman.

This is my host mom- Carmen. Carmen has been married to Ramón for 22 years and they have three daughters — Carmen (15), Lucia (15) and Claudia (12). Ramón has lived in Los Remedios his whole life and Carmen is from Triana, a similar neighborhood just a flew blocks over. Carmen is an amazing cook and makes something new for us every day! I asked her if she grew up cooking, but she said she didn’t learn until she was in her twenties and was living on her own. She taught herself all she knows but says it is easy because it’s something she loves to do. I have been here almost a month and I don’t think there has been a dish that I haven’t liked. (That’s pretty impressive if you know me!!)

Along with being a great cook, she is kind, hard working, selfless and loves her family so well. She reminds me of my own mom back at home 😊 Her daughters give her sass but you can tell how much they love and appreciate her. I often laugh to myself when I watch them interact because I can relate to the youngest one on so many levels. It wasn’t always easy growing up having two cool older sisters so I feel you, Claudia!!

I am super grateful for all this woman does for me though and for making life in Los Remedios feel like home!

Thanks for reading!! Hasta pronto!

Headed to cheer on the Hoos for the last time in awhile.

I am on the way to Charlotte for the Belk Bowl now, but in 33 days I will be on the way to Sevilla. After exams I packed up my life in Charlottesville and drove it all home to Richmond, leaving the comforts and the familiarity of my University filled with the people I love in my rearview. Sad to leave, it hadn’t quite hit me yet because there was a holiday to celebrate and family from in town to catch up with. It still felt distant. Now that Christmas is over and and family has gone home however, this is real. There’s nothing else left in between me and abroad and it is scary. My friends will all be returning to school soon without me. I can’t imagine that that won’t be hard. It is not that I need more time though, 33 days or 330, I know I will never be fully ready for this adventure, but I know that it is going to be worth every ounce of fear I have leading up to it. With every story I have heard from friends that have just returned from their own abroad adventure, the anxiety softens little by little – especially when it is from friends that have just returned from Sevilla. Stories of new friends and sweet homestay parents, along with crazy nights in new places and once in a life time adventures remind me why I chose to go abroad in the first place. I can only imagine the ways this experience will enrich my life and shape the way I live it even once I return home. Hopefully I will pick up a little (read: a lot) of Spanish along the way. I’ve taken Spanish beginning in middle school all the way through my sophomore year in college, but even that and the Duolingo app couldn’t prepare me for the placement test. You can find me rocking it in the beginner Spanish class! I am very excited for this chance though to practice what I remember and what I know I will learn. I know my choice of homestay will help with this. 

I hope that this blog will allow me to share memories with others, but also my future self, so I can go back and read it and remember all of my wonderful times abroad. Follow along on these adventures with me beginning next month. See you all soon!